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The Bloomington chickens get a reprieve

Chicken owner Jeanie Mellem of Bloomington, Minnesota has a right to crow this morning. Mellem has been petitioning the city to allow her to keep four hens, her seven-month struggle chronicled here. Last evening, by a 5-3 margin the city’s Planning Commission approved ordinance language that would allow Bloomington residents to keep up to four chickens in backyard enclosures set back 30 feet from property lines. The next step is approval by the Bloomington City Council. It meets Monday, September 27.

Jeanie praises Bloomington city administrators for being willing to listen and research. She likes the straightforwardness of the approved ordinance. As long as requirements X, Y, and Z are met, the chickens are in. Residents aren’t required to get permission from neighbors, a step which often
splinters a neighborhood rather than knits it together.

And on her Facebook page, Jeanie thanks those who attended or sent their comments. “You were so well-spoken -- I know it really made a difference to the Planning Commission to see you there and hear what you had to say.”

To all, an enjoyable Labor Day weekend, especially to Gretchen, Grace, Carolyn, and Emma. The four reprieved hens won’t be farmed out to a rural facility, but will be enjoying their rightful place in the Bloomington community.

Photo credit: Laura Mellem

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