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Voter ID: There's Not an App for That

Steve Law shared this video on Facebook.  A Wisconsin parent uses her cell phone camera to film the process as her son applies for Voter ID, which is now required in Wisconsin. A couple of thoughts:

  • The applicant is required to show a bank statement, which is in dispute for too little activity. What if you have a bank statement with too much activity? Or no bank statement at all? Why is a bank statement even needed?
  • Applicants must state that they want the ID for voting. Otherwise, they will be charged $28 for a regular state ID. The clerks aren't required to ask why the person wants the ID.
  • If government is too big, fewer workers processing more steps in voter registration is a recipe for trouble.

Voter ID is one of the conditions Minnesota's Republican-majority legislature tied to their budget, and one of the conditions Democratic Governor Mark Dayton vetoed. Was the veto a good idea? You decide:

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  1. Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. What's happening in Wisconsin could very easily happen in Minnesota. Not only do Wisconsin voters have more hoops to jump through, they'll have fewer DMV offices to do their jumping. From MnPublius:


  2. Voter ID is just one of many ALEC/Grover Norquist policies that will be gaining steam in the upcoming years. De-funding PP, gutting unions, abortion restrictions, corp tax cuts are all on the menu...

  3. You're right, Adam, voter ID is just one piece of the plan. Video sharing is a powerful tool because ideas that sound sensible to some people are actually quite insidious when seen in practice. Thanks for reading, Susan

  4. It's outrageous, it's unthinkable, it's unAmerican and it makes me sick.

    Oh, I I have been watching all the state situations with Republican (and seemingly insane) governors, and wishing the people and the state employees and sane people in government well.

    I'm hugely frightened by the great divide between the extreme right/the Tea Party, and my own beliefs. I'm even more horrified by what's being done to our economy at this very moment.

    I do like your blog, though, and will be back to see you often!

    I surely do hope your post office can somehow survive the onslaught. It sounds like a wonderful piece of our tapestry. :) And thanks for visiting me.

  5. Paula, thanks for visiting and commenting. Voter ID flies in the face of two central Republican complaints: “Government is too big” and “Government needs to get out of the way.” So here is Big, Intrusive Government, wrapped up in a package called Voter ID.

    As for post offices, their use has been in decline long before the Tea Party came on the scene, but I’m sure Tea Partiers relish the thought of them disappearing. When post offices disappear, small towns disappear.

    I’ll keep a light on for you, Paula, hope you do the same for me! Susan


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