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Hey, Who Moved My Noxzema?

Something's been blowing in the wind and making me sneeze for the past few days. My husband Mike says it could be goldenrod, which is the only thing blooming around here. Or the wind from the south, which has prevailed for the past week, could be blowing in pollen from 1,000 miles away.

Yesterday I was on a quest for Noxzema skin cream. With all the moisturizers out there, I gravitate to Noxzema because my mom used it. The cobalt blue jar and eucalyptus scent are hard-wired into my brain. With my allergies raging, I could imagine the cool cream soothing my hot skin and the eucalyptus oil bringing breathing relief.

Photo from Tipnut.
I looked. And looked. And looked. And couldn't find it anywhere. Finally, I asked the woman behind the pharmacy counter. She directed me to an aisle that I'd scoured before. I returned to the aisle, looked again, and finally found a row of jars that were cobalt blue -- sort of -- but closer to metallic blue.

What the hell?

Once the Grand Old Cobalt Blue Lady, Noxzema had morphed into a dozen other products on the shelf: newer, pricier, sexier, and completely lost in the crowd.

They better not have messed with the formula, I muttered to myself.

Luckily, the cream was the same. Billowy. Eucalyptus-y. At home I spread Noxzema on my face and blissfully napped, enjoying a sneeze-free hour for the first time in a week. Noxzema even soothed the no-see-um bites on my arms. No-see-ums are those microscopic and maddening black gnats that I thought existed only on Survivor: Samoa. Climate change deniers will say no-see-ums are a plague sent to rid us of our wicked ways.

For those of us destined for fire and pitchforks, pack the Noxzema. It soothes burned skin.

Want more ideas? Check out Quirky Tips for Noxzema Skin Cream by Joey Green. Share your own memories and quirky ideas below. And check out how the fashionable set stayed cool in 1965:

Disclosure: I was not compensated by Unilever for writing this post, which was inspired by an iconic brand: a brand, like Scotch Tape and Jell-O, has become synonymous with the generic product.

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