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Yet Another Reason Why
Voter ID Is a Bad Idea

Blogger Aaron Klemz does a thorough job listing the concerns, or what Republican State Senator Scott Newman considered “red herrings,” about Voter ID.

But let’s say, for the sake of argument, Voter ID is needed. Voter fraud is rampant, felons are swinging elections, and sticking on Constitutional amendments like so many Post-it notes is a good thing.

How many of us look like our photos on our ID?
  • Speaking for myself, my weight goes up and my weight goes down. I wear my hair long and I wear my hair short. What if I, or any other voter for that matter, don’t look identical to the photo on the ID?
  • What if the person who verifies voters against their IDs is a person who believes “They all look alike” about population X, Y or Z? How will that person recognize if the voter isn’t the person on the ID?
  • What will the legal ramifications be if someone who has legitimate voter ID is denied the opportunity to vote? 

I imagine the response to my photo question would be, anyone who is that undisciplined and erratic shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

It could be the next step, folks.

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