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The Original Necco Wafers Are Back!

An unknown blogger who commented on an old post brought me the best news I’ve heard in a long time:

The original Necco Wafers are back!

The blogger's comment on this post reads:

"And the old packaging is back too!"
Oh man, Susan... I was TICKED when they changed the formula. Part of the 2009 change was to drop the green wafers. Horror! As a native New Englander, I grew up with all the Necco products (Gotta love the Skybar!) I still eat a half a roll of Necco's a day! I cut the roll in half and eat half one day; the other half the next. The GOOD news is that Necco has finally responded to customer pressure (and a sharp drop in sales) and has returned to the former recipe! And the old packaging is back too!

Making Necco Wafers healthier by eliminating artificial colors and flavors was a laudable goal. But chances are, if you’re an advocate of healthy eating, you’re not eating candy in the first place – not even a candy as benign as the 165-year-old rolled wafers.

Actually, the original-recipe Neccos have been back since October 2011: back when I was unpacking and sorting and hunting for lost stuff. I couldn’t find the identity of the blogger who commented on my Necco Wafers post, so I Googled “original Necco Wafers are back” and found this NPR article.  A boston.com article about the iconic New England product  was shared over 350 times.

Thank you, Unknown Blogger, for your comment -- and to typography designer Mark Simonson for being a font of knowledge about the Necco Wafers lettering. Natural-recipe Necco Wafers have joined the category of New Coke, McDonald’s Arch Deluxe, and Crystal Pepsi: ideas that seemed good at the time, but ultimately bombed. What others can you add to the list? 

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  1. Ever wonder who the brainiacs are that always think up ways to "change" something that is great? And use excuses as a cover up of health, safety, and other liberal catch terms?
    These lies they use are so that everything American disappears over time. There is an agenda and don't think there is not.
    I'm glad Necco went back to the original recipe and did not fall for the lies of the wacko cult vegans.

    Now I wish Taco Bell would restore the great flavors and taste of their food items. Seems the wacko food nazis from the leftists got to them good. Too bad. I would have spent thousands $ myself just to eat Taco Bell three times a week for the last 20 years if they were any good. Their food went down the crapper in the early 90's when they decided to cheapen and falsely say the food was changed for healthier reasons, which is full of BS. You see real fat is not only healthier for the body, but it costs more $ to make. Health they claim? Puhlease, but leftists have no problem feeding society shovel fulls of pills to everyone.... even babies.

    1. Hi Julie: Another great thing about Necco Wafers: they're uniters. They bring conservatives like you to the blogs of liberals like me and allow us to have a conversation. We may not always use the same words but we share many of the same beliefs. Thanks for reading! Susan


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