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Twenty years ago I asked a Tarot card reader what would I be doing when I was 50. She replied, “I see you doing something so wildly creative, it defies a job title.” Only recently did I realize that was a slick way of saying, “I have no idea of what you’ll be doing.” But that prediction kept me charging ahead to the fifties with zeal and anticipation. Now that the future is today, I’m ready for anything!

The iCow goes "Moooo"

I was having lunch with a friend
Flickr® photo courtesy of shastadaisythe other day. The conversation turned to cell phones, and she showed me her latest favorite app on her iPhone. Tap the screen and you see and hear a crowing rooster, a moo-ing cow.

At first I thought the idea was bizarre. Then, thought, why not?

Carrying a cell phone or digital camera while doing farm chores simply isn’t recommended. The work is dusty, wet, and often sloppy, not a happy environment for sensitive and expensive equipment. I’ve intended to take pictures of my critters but when I’m out with them I’m tending them.

The idea of virtual, digital, dust-free farm animals might not be realistic. But I have to admit, it makes a lot of sense.

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