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Ask the First Kids on the School Bus
About the Need for Rural Broadband

I got the school calendar and fall community education calendar from the East Central School District in the mail the other day. Always interested in lengths of bus rides, I checked the times that the first kids on the route board the bus. The earliest was 6:05. The latest boarding time (on a different bus) was 8:04. Assuming breakfast starts at 8:10 and classes begin at 8:30, the first kid on the bus has been riding for over two hours.

I've heard that a lot of students in the East Central School District are homeschooled. I can understand why. When I take my dog Jerry for a swim in a Park Township creek, I pass a school bus stop sign on a gravelly ribbon of hilly road. I can't help but wonder how long of a bus ride that student has. Imagine the driveway in the wintertime and you'll think of that old Volkswagen commercial: "How does the man who drives the snowplow get to the snowplow?" (Considered one of the 100 all-time greatest commercials, the Doyle Dane Bernbach spot appears below.)

East Central isn't an exception, but an example of what rural school districts in Minnesota face. When traveling to the end of the driveway is an ordeal, and when school budgets are downsized and shifted, rural broadband isn't an option -- it's essential.

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Commercial from nishiot's youtube channel.

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