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The Worst-Kept Secret in Dodge County

Mike Wolfe and three generations of Maricle Pickers:
Wyatt, Darold and Mike.
The American Pickers were at the Maricle household this past May. It's the worst-kept secret in Dodge County, what with a county sheriff stopping by during filming and the school nurse living down the road.

"I heard the American Pickers were at your house," said our new mechanic Pete, whose shop is a few miles away in West Concord.

"We really don't know if or when we're going to be on," Mike and I would tell people with genuine cluelessness.

This past Monday was a new Pickers' episode on the back roads of Minnesota. We watched. And waited. And realized. We're not going to be on.

Who knows. Maybe we will be. But I'm doubtful. While Mike's parents have an amazing collection of antique farm implements and vintage kitsch, they're roadies in the world of junk rockstars who populate Season Four of American Pickers.

Dog lover Mike Wolfe and a wary Jerry.
So to confirm what everyone in Dodge County already knows: yes, the American Pickers were here.  The pictures prove it. (Mike Wolfe is a dog lover.) Interested in the entire story? I'll publish the post soon. And follow me on Facebook to find out when the mother of all antique sales is held next year.

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  1. Well, it was on, but not on the December 26 Minnesota episode. It was folded into an episode shot in Virginia called "Odd Fellas." Maybe our family has more in common with The Waltons than we think.


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