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What Edith Bunker Can Teach Me
about Satellite Broadband

The first minute of the following All in the Family episode contains one of my favorite Edith Bunker "dingbat" moments. In a story that takes place during the 1974 energy crisis, Edith takes energy conservation to endearing ridiculousness. I'd do well to exercise Edith's prudence once our broadband satellite service begins.

I never dreamed that I'd open a browser window and not have endless bandwidth pour forth. With satellite broadband, you have a fixed allowance of uploads, downloads, and bandwidth. The allowance can be easily depleted unless you budget wisely. So every page opened, every browser refreshed, every event streamed and every attachment downloaded will have to be purposeful and economical.

We currently pay Frontier just over $150 a month for DSL, a landline and satellite TV. We want to stick as close as possible to that figure for satellite broadband, satellite TV and our cell phones. (I've long advocated for losing the TV, but that would be like asking Archie Bunker to give up his chair.)

For those reasons, our out-of-range location, and because so many other preparations are involved with moving, broadband satellite is our best choice for now. It's not an ideal situation, but it's not the end of the world. Edith's coping abilities and good cheer will serve me well.

Thank you to Mynjunkyard for directing me to this classic All in the Family episode on YouTube. Edith Bunker's energy conservation moment occurs in the first minute, but you'll want to watch the entire episode.

Unless you have satellite broadband. Then shut that window immediately!

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