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Twenty years ago I asked a Tarot card reader what would I be doing when I was 50. She replied, “I see you doing something so wildly creative, it defies a job title.” Only recently did I realize that was a slick way of saying, “I have no idea of what you’ll be doing.” But that prediction kept me charging ahead to the fifties with zeal and anticipation. Now that the future is today, I’m ready for anything!

Frosted Off

Thank God for Paula Lee Bright.

When so many people are paying little to minimal attention because they're simply trying to survive (myself included), Paula jumps up and down and implores us, "HEY! Listen to this!! Get angry!!"

I've heard about the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, in which ordinary citizens protest how Wall Street greed has destroyed the economy. Ordinary citizens who have been pepper sprayed by New York cops simply for exercising their First Amendment rights.

Occurring at the same time, closer to home, a purchase of ready-to-eat breakfast food, the typical daily fare we eat until our kitchen is fully functional.

9-11 Pop-Tarts.

Oh, say does that star-spangled Pop-Tart yet bake...
Okay, they're not technically called 9-11 Pop-Tarts. They're called Limited Edition American Summer Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts. But considering they were released in the summer of the tenth anniversary of 9-11, the marketing strategy was obviously 9-11.  They're coated with blue frosting and spangled with crunchy stars of red, white and blue. Patriotism never tasted so good. And it's part of a complete balanced breakfast.

The Wall Street protesters are taking on the mantle of those who protested the Vietnam war. Because to support the protesters means you're against the law enforcers, in this case New York's finest who risked their lives 10 years ago.

But the 9-11 card isn't a permanent Get Out of Jail Free card every time law enforcers become law breakers.

I don't know why red, white and blue Pop-Tarts have me frosted off when banks have made thousands of dollars off me over time.  But every now and then a smaller event is what's needed to make me angry about larger events. Like malfeasance and totalitarianism.

Those things aren't easy to sugar coat. Not with Paula around. Check out her blog.

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  1. Well said, Susan, but those pop tarts look disgusting! Lol! ~Suerae

  2. Yeah, I'm chagrined that the marketing strategy worked on someone in this house! Susan


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