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The Sun Doesn't Shine on
This Kentucky Therapy Home

What's not to love about this house?
A Kentucky homeowners association begs to differ.
Photo  by Laura Zimmerman, KTSM News Channel 9.
Paula Lee Bright posted this story on Facebook about a Kentucky family forced by its homeowners association to remove a playhouse from their backyard. The custom-made house was used as a therapy house for the family's three-year-old son, who has cerebral palsy.

The story prompted me to think of three things:

  • Can the Americans with Disabilities Act be invoked? Or are homeowners associations immune from the act?
  • That playhouse is pretty darn cute, much nicer than the garish playsets you see in just about every backyard. 
  • The playhouse reminded me of a story about Jeanie Mellem from Bloomington, Minnesota. She wanted the city to allow Bloomington residents to keep backyard chickens. Jeanie compiled photos of chicken coops that would earn Martha Stewart's seal of approval, to show city fathers that chicken coops weren't ramshackle buildings straight out of Bugtussle. 

I hope a lawyer takes up this case. Denying therapy to a family with a special-needs child is the first step. What's next? Not allowing families with special-needs children to move into homeowners associations?

Watch the news story here. Follow Paula Lee Bright and Jeanie Mellem on Facebook.

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