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Twenty years ago I asked a Tarot card reader what would I be doing when I was 50. She replied, “I see you doing something so wildly creative, it defies a job title.” Only recently did I realize that was a slick way of saying, “I have no idea of what you’ll be doing.” But that prediction kept me charging ahead to the fifties with zeal and anticipation. Now that the future is today, I’m ready for anything!

Full court press

“Mom, do you have an iron?” my 14-year-old son Wyatt asked.

Oh-oh, I thought. Busted.

“I need my tie ironed for the game.” Wyatt’s on the Willow River junior high basketball team, and the players are required to wear dress shirts and ties on game day.

I defaulted into “Sprinkle it with water, then run it through the dryer on touch-up.”

“That doesn’t work.”

I squirm.

“I know!” he said after a moment of thought. “I’ll go to FACS class and iron it there.”

I was impressed. Problem solving skills, a willingness to do domestic work, and looking snazzy while doing it. A three-pointer!

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