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Twenty years ago I asked a Tarot card reader what would I be doing when I was 50. She replied, “I see you doing something so wildly creative, it defies a job title.” Only recently did I realize that was a slick way of saying, “I have no idea of what you’ll be doing.” But that prediction kept me charging ahead to the fifties with zeal and anticipation. Now that the future is today, I’m ready for anything!

Fifty Ways to Love Your Blogger

I've been thrilled with the feedback from readers of Poultry & Prose. New followers. Praise that has left me grasping for words at times. Thank you, all.

Similar to kicking up my skills in digital photography, I now need to grow comfortable in asking readers to take the next step. A song always works. Think Paul Simon.

Give it a Like, Mike,

Mark it a Fave, Dave,

Just comment away, Ray,

It's easy to do.

Give it a tweet, Pete,

More traffic is so sweet!

Just ShareThis wide, Clyde,

And I'll do it for you.

The latest bit of blogger cred: having Poultry & Prose included in the MinnPost Minnesota Blog Cabin program. Which means it may appear on this page someday. Would you like me to link to the latest news in your life? Give me a call, y'all!

Lyrics adapted from Paul Simon's Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover from his 1975 album Still Crazy After All These Years. 

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